A Condo Could Be a Great Choice for a First Punta Gorda Home

A Condo Could Be a Great Choice for a First Punta Gorda HomePunta Gorda is one of the most affordable areas of southwest Florida to purchase a home, but if you are looking for the most budget-friendly way to enter into home ownership a condo is a great option. 

Condos do often have less square footage and shared walls with neighbors, but these are two main reasons why the price tag is mostly lower on condo properties compared to single-family homes. The median price of condos in the country is $357,400 as of March 2024. Now keep in mind this includes all of the high ticket multi-million dollar condos like those giant penthouse condos with 3,000 to 5,000 square feet (larger than a huge portion of single-family homes) in Miami. The average price of a condo in Punta Gorda is around $280,000 as of April 2024. This is far lower than the national average and $125,000 dollars less than the average price of a single-family home in Punta Gorda. You could probably find a small condo on the low end of the price scale for the difference between the two. 

Adding a condo to your list of possible properties in your home search could get you into a home at a much more affordable price point. Living within your means is much more enjoyable than stretching your budget thin and rarely ever getting to do or purchase anything fun. Wondering if you can squeeze in enough for a grocery budget or have enough for gas is stressful. Homeownership is beneficial but it is not worth the benefit if you are barely scraping by in your lifestyle. Choosing a condo can give you more freedom in your home-buying options and lifestyle.

Other Perks of Condo Living

  • Less Maintenance
  • Same Benefits of Home Ownership as Owning a House
  • Easier to Know Neighbors
  • Community Amenities for Less Money

Don't rule out condo properties in Punta Gorda when it comes to purchasing your first home. Greg a real estate agent in Santa Cruz California of Property in Santa Cruz shares this about choosing between a condo and a house:

"Condos and houses each have their own unique benefits and drawbacks. Which to choose depends on your preferences, lifestyle, and future plans."

Donald Payne of Vision Realty describes choosing a home type this way in a blog post:

"Being able to choose between several different types of condos, townhomes, row homes, and many different types of single-family properties in Columbus, a buyer may wonder which they should choose.

Some home buyers feel that a single-family home is the ultimate American dream of homeownership. But each style of purchasable home comes with its own benefits and perks. Deciding on what type of Columbus home you should buy really depends on your preferences and the factors of living in each type."

Choosing a condo as your first home does not have to be your forever home either. You may find that when you choose a condo to get your feet wet in home ownership and be able to afford a first home, you might just love it. Especially compared to renting a home. One of the biggest benefits of home ownership over renting is not battling the current rent increases many people have had to face across the country in the last few years. Having a fixed-rate mortgage guarantees a secure payment price for housing that will not change.

If you are looking for a home in Punta Gorda, a condo, townhome, single-family home, or even a mobile home, I am here to help. There are many great property types in Punta Gorda lets get started shopping for your perfect Punta Gorda home. Contact me any time with any Punta Gorda real estate needs. 

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