A Guide to Punta Gorda Fishing

A Guide to Punta Gorda FishingPunta Gorda is a fat point that juts out into Charlotte Harbor and this is why it's named Punta Gorda which literally means fat point in Spanish. Since Punta Gorda is surrounded by water it creates great opportunities for amazing fishing right at your back door. If you are not a fisherman or are relocating to Punta Gorda and not familiar with the waters check out our Punta Gorda fishing guide to help you discover the awesome fishing all around the town.

A Guide to Punta Gorda Fishing

Punta Gorda and the Englewood Beach area along Charlotte Harbor on the Gulf coast of southwest Florida are internationally known for top sport fishing. Beyond that, there are all types of fishing to be enjoyed around the waters of Punta Gorda. No matter your fishing preference you will find a favorite spot and method the more you get to know the area. Many local fishermen and visitors hold some fishing records and search to make new ones with the International Game Fish Association. 

Fishing Charlotte Harbor

The Charlotte Harbor is the largest natural harbor in Florida and one of the largest in the country. It is the second largest open water estuary and is formed by blending salt water from the Gulf of Mexico with the freshwater from the Myakka, Peace, and Caloosahatchee rivers.  These brackish waters create an important breeding ground for hundreds of species of fish. The most popular and highly sought after by area anglers include Tarpon, common snook, swordspine, fat snook, redfish barracuda, cobia, various sharks, grouper, and more.

Tarpon Fishing

This area especially the waters around Boca Grande Pass is known as the tarpon capital of the world. Tarpon are sometimes referred to as the silver king and they are a catch and release bucket list item for several fishermen. The best time for tarpon fishing in Punta Gorda is April through October and the peak time is in June which is just around the corner. 

Freshwater Fishing

Saltwater fishing is the biggest drive to the area for anglers that know Punta Gorda but there are countless options for enjoying freshwater fishing in the area as well. There are several rivers that wind through Charlotte County and a handful of great lakes including Webb Lake and its three surrounding ponds that are part of the Babcock/Webb Wildlife Management Area.

Webb is a man-made reservoir that is 5 miles long and brimming with freshwater snook, bluegill, largemouth bass, channel catfish, and speckled perch. It is good for new anglers to realize that the bass are catch and release only. All other species in Webb Lake can be kept but it is good to know limits before you go out fishing as it is easy to catch beyond your limit.

Tips for a great fishing day on Webb Lake

  • Go early and start in the shallow areas
  • Use the right lure like a Skeeter walk with a bluegill pattern in the early morning or the evening
  • Have the right bait- some good bait to use include Texas red soft plastic worms in green pumpkin or what is called the Junebug color. Bait that falls toward the bottom of the water will help you to catch those bass that are trying to stay cool at the bottom of the lake.

Fishing with a Guide

Because Punta Gorda is such a popular fishing destination there is a growing number of guides in the area. You may relocate to Punta Gorda and find fishing is your new favorite thing to do and later become an expert and a guide yourself. Fishing guides in Punta Gorda need to complete the Florida-friendly Fishing Guide Certification to prove that they know and understand the commitment of preserving the future of Florida's waters and sustainable boating and fishing.

The best way to start your fishing adventure in Punta Gorda is with the help of a local guide. It is not hard to find an amazing guide in Punta Gorda there are plenty. They can help you to get accustom to all of the responsibilities and regulations of being a fisherman and help you to find the proper licensing for your fishing adventures. They can also take you to the best spots and give you insight or local information on the best time of year and best places to fish for different types of fish in Punta Gorda. A popular spot for hiring a fishing guide is the Fisherman's Village Marina.

It can take a lot of practice and learning but the more you do it the more you may find that being out on the water with a pole is your favorite place to be. There is no end to discovering new areas of Punta Gorda to enjoy fishing.

If you are considering a move to Punta Gorda I am here to help. I am happy to help you get acclimated to the area and discuss your real estate buying goals. Let's get started looking for your perfect Punta Gorda home. Contact me anytime with any Punta Gorda real estate needs.

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