Buying a Horse Property in Punta Gorda

Buying a Horse Property in Punta GordaPunta Gorda is a great laid-back Florida town. it offers a diverse array of South Florida homes in a quieter atmosphere and a better price tag than larger surrounding areas. For this reason, many people have been drawn to Punta Gorda in recent years. One intriguing opportunity is the ability to find an affordable property with land. Many horse owners have found Punta Gorda to be a great spot to purchase an equestrian property. 

Purchasing a home to be able to keep your horses near you is not your typical home purchase. There are many things to consider before making a large investment in a home with housing horses as a priority. Here are some things to consider: 

How Much and What Type of Acreage

It is pretty obvious to a horse owner that their horse needs ample room to roam. A horse should have about 1-2 acres of space with an additional acre for each added horse to the property. In addition to the amount of acreage you need, is the type of land. A home with plenty of room to roam still may not be the ideal home. Horse land should be flat to gently sloped with the ability to provide access to basic needs for your horse. You don't want land that has too many bodies of water, steep cliffs or ledges, ditches or gullies. You want a property that a horse can safely navigate within the fenced area you allow them to roam. 

Local Zoning

If a property previously had horses on it, this is not a reason to assume the home is okay to have horses on. Additionally, if you find a large lot of land with plenty of room for horses you do not want to assume that just because it is big enough it is okay to have horses there. Make sure to check with local zoning codes to ensure that having a horse at the home is within legal ramifications. You do not want to settle in with your beautiful animals only to discover that the city will not allow horses at the home and you get a notice to remove the horses or face a steep fine. You could request re-zoning, but this could be a lengthy process that may still end in denial of the request. It is always best to ensure a potential property is already zoned for horses. 

A Daily Routine

 If you have not housed horses before it can be a big daily life adjustment, especially if you have not owned horses at all. Take into consideration how you will need to adjust your daily routine and what this would look like at a potential property you are interested in. Where is the main water source? How close is the house to the barn? Will the property allow for a smooth adaption to taking care of horses at your home? Will you need to invest more money into the property to help make these transitions more realistic? Are you willing to put upgrades in or would you prefer a property that already has horse amenities ready to go? 

Home Inspection 

The home inspection is an important part of any home purchase in Punta Gorda, but it is especially important with a specialized property. You want to make sure you find an inspection professional who knows about equestrian properties and inspects extra buildings on the property if there are any. You want to have the house inspected as well as any barns, sheds, and other shelters. You also want extra water systems inspected. 

If you are looking for an equestrian property in Punta Gorda, we are here to help. One of the premier communities for horse owners in Punta Gorda is Prairie Creek featuring custom properties on acreage bordering a nature preserve with horse trails. There are many great properties with larger lots of land. Contact us any time to find the perfect Punta Gorda home or for any Punta Gorda real estate needs. We are happy to assist you in both the buying and selling of Punta Gorda Homes. 

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