Dock Maintenance Tips for Punta Gorda Canal Homes

Dock Maintenance Tips for Punta Gorda Canal HomesOne of the biggest draws to living in Punta Gorda is the water. Punta Gorda has many great bodies of water all around it including the Peace River and the waters of Charlotte Harbor. This also means there are several great homes right on the water including seemingly countless canal homes that allow owners to dock their boat right in their back yard. 

Owning a home on a Punta Gorda canal with the ability to have a boat accessible steps away at any time is a dream. But with more amenities comes more maintenance. If you have not owned a home with a dock before it is good to know the proper routine maintenance to keep your dock functioning optimally. 

Home Dock Maintenence Tips

Routine maintenance is important for the function of the dock, the homeowner's safety, and the value of your home. 

Here is what Donald Payne of Vision Realty shares in a blog post about the importance of home maintenance: 

"Maintaining your home is not just beneficial to keep your home running well it also helps your home to retain its resale value."

Keep it Clean

Making sure your dock is clean prevents damage to the dock material and prevents slips and falls. The biggest mistake some dock owners make is to pressure wash their wooden docks. The best routine cleaning care is a hose with an attached nozzle of mild environmentally friendly (because it goes right into the canal water) soap. Your dock should get a proper deep cleaning once a year and more often when you see a build-up of debris or after a storm. 

Regular Checks/Inspection

Take some time to check your dock for any signs of wear and tear or damage and deterioration. Check joints, handrails, stairs, ladders, etc. for loose items, rust, wood rot, corrosion, etc. It is a good idea to make these checks every few months and of course after harsh weather. 

Staining/Sealing is Important

The stain and sealant on your deck keep it protected from the elements of sun, wind, salt water, rain, and more. With time as the stain and sealant are working to protect the dock, it wears away and needs to be redone. A weak shield is no shield at all. Ideally, the stain should be redone every few years. 

Inclement Weather Consideration

If you know a storm is coming you want to take measures to protect your dock from harsh weather before it comes. The less exposure to harsh conditions the less maintenance and money you will need to get it back in shape. 

Dock Lines

Dock lines add an extra measure of securing a boat to the dock. It is a good idea to replace dock lines every two or three years to ensure they do the job you intend them to do. 

Get Another Set of Eyes

Just like turning in a paper for a grade in school, you had someone proofread it to get another set of eyes and hopefully discover any typos or grammar errors you didn't see before turning it in, you should have someone check your dock to help discover anything you may have missed with maintenance needs. It is just an extra step in safety measures. You want to have someone who is skilled in the matter take a look every few years to be confident that the dock is in proper working order. 

Owning a dock is a great asset at your home, especially if you own a boat or are hoping to own a boat and love the water. Making sure you keep your dock working well is not only beneficial to you now as you enjoy it but also if you ever plan to sell the property.

If you are looking to purchase a Punta Gorda canal home or are considering selling a home, get in touch with me. I am here to help you with any Punta Gorda real estate needs, both buying a selling all homes in Punta Gorda. 

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