Finding Fun Activities for Kids in Charlotte County

Finding Fun Activities for Kids in Charlotte CountyIf you are new to Charlotte County or are considering a move to the area with your family you may be wondering where you can find activities to get your kids acclimated or keep them entertained and busy in the small towns of Charlotte County. Check out this list of resources and available activities for kids around the area.

Fun 4 Port Charlotte Kids

Fun 4 Port Charlotte Kids can be found at the website

This is a great website resource for finding all the different things happening for kids in Charlotte County and southern Sarasota County including recurring clubs. On this website, you can find tabs for day trips, summer camps, Mother's Day activities, restaurants where kids eat free, and even nature adventures you can take with your kids.

The website has its own weekly newsletter that you can sign up for so you never miss what is coming around the corner. There's also an event calendar to take a look at everything going on as well as specialized lists for different interests like getting your kids involved in a club. You can specify what type of activities you are looking for as well. It is a very helpful resource for parents in Charlotte County hoping to get their kids involved in pretty much anything going on in the area.

CrossFit Punta Gorda

If you're an active adult that enjoys a good fitness program you may be looking for ways for your children to get in on a fun fitness program as well. Punta Gorda CrossFit has some great youth programs for kids ages 6 to 12. They also have amazing teen fitness classes for kids aged 13 to 18. And of course, there's something for parents to get involved in too.

Charlotte County Boys and Girls Club

The Boys and Girls Club is a national organization centered on creating an amazing atmosphere for America's youth to get to know one another, find a new interest, or learn a new skill. The Boys and Girls Club of Charlotte County offers a large collection of programs that include health, wellness, arts, career development, education, and much more. The Boys and Girls Club is a venue that can offer a safe place to look after your kids while you are busy or an area to bring them so that they can get engaged and have fun with other kids and their community. From afterschool programs to summer camps, there is almost endless offerings at the Boys and Girls Club.


If you have younger kids this is a great space specialized just for them. Tinkergarten is a year-round play-based program utilizing local green spaces in Charlotte County.  Through the Tinkergarten classes, kids learn outside and develop critical early learning skills that include empathy, problem-solving, and creativity. There is a Tinkergarten curriculum guided by a local teacher in the outdoor classes or you can join in the program at home as well.

Charlotte County Youth Camps

The government of Charlotte County also provides some great youth camps during school breaks for kids in grades kindergarten through five. They host camps during spring and winter break as well as during the summer. Camps are held at the Centennial Park Recreation Center, the Herald Avenue Regional Park Recreation Center, the South County Regional Park Recreation Center, the Tringali Park Community Center, and the Ann and Chuck Dever Regional Park Recreation Center.

The areas of Charlotte County and Punta Gorda are small and relaxed but they offer a treasure trove of amazing kids activities. If you are looking to get your young ones involved in some great activities there is always something fun to do for them in the area.

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