How Big is Punta Gorda?

How Big is Punta Gorda? When relocating to a new area you want to learn all there is to know about it. One of the most frequently asked questions of people considering moving to Punta Gorda to retire, find their sunny Florida dream home, or find an affordable vacation home is, "How Large is Punta Gorda?" 

How Large is Punta Gorda Florida?

Actual Land Mass

To answer this question as literally as possible the city of Punta Gorda encompasses official boundaries that measure 21.87 square miles. This makes Punta Gorda just a bit smaller in land size than its larger and notable neighbor Sarasota by less than three square miles. Sarasota Florida is 24.08 square miles in land mass. 

According to information retrieved from the United States Census Bureau, Wikipedia shares that Punta Gorda has 15 square miles of land and 6 square miles of water. 

Punta Gorda Population

Punta Gorda is the only incorporated area of Charlotte County. At the time of the last census in 2020, Punta Gorda's population was recorded at 19,526. According to the website, the 2024 population of Punta Gorda has grown to 21.886. This is an increase of 12.09% since the census and a yearly population increase of 3.01%. 

Punta Gorda Population Density

Punta Gorda has a population density of 1,411 people per square mile which is considered a low population density. This helps to attribute the laid-back old-Florida lifestyle that so many people love about Punta Gorda. 

What Is it Like to Live in Punta Gorda? 

Now that we have gone over all the information about the size of Punta Gorda, we thought we would include a little more insight about Punta Gorda to help you get a picture of the culture and atmosphere of Punta Gorda. 

For more detailed information we have two more pages on Punta Gorda information including a blog post about what it is like to live in Punta Gorda and an actual Punta Gorda community page that helps you to learn more about the city and includes links to all of the neighborhoods in Punta Gorda.

Punta Gorda is popular for its affordability of homes and its location on the water in Charlotte Harbor. You may hear this many times but the words Punta Gorda actually mean fat point which describes the city's location as a fat point of land that juts out into Charlotte Harbor one of America's largest natural harbors. This waterfront city maintains a cost of living far below the national average. This includes the cost of housing as well as utilities and other Standard daily necessities.

Punta Gorda is relaxed and though it is small and laid-back there is plenty of things to enjoy and deal with in Punta Gorda. Punta Gorda is also located very conveniently and within a short distance of larger cities including Sarasota, as mentioned above, and Fort Myers. Several major roadways wind through Punta Gorda giving you easy access into these areas. For airplane travel Punta Gorda has an airport that provides flights all across the country and Punta Gorda it's just a short distance from the Southwest Florida International Airport providing flights all around the world.

Punta Gorda is a wonderful place to get outdoors there is an extensive biking trail system that was spearheaded by community members to bring a popular activity to Punta Gorda and make it easy to enjoy for everyone. The system of bike trails comes with its own unique ability to borrow a bike for free. Punta Gorda is home to the Charlotte Harbor Nature Preserve as well as several other outdoor spaces. It is also home to Fishermans Village a waterfront marina and an area of several local shops and restaurants right on the waterfront that is always fun for enjoying the atmosphere.

Punta Gorda also has an excellent healthcare system which is a very important amenity for residents of all ages and lifestyles. Bayfront Health Punta Gorda is one of the leading healthcare facilities in southwest Florida. There are several healthcare providers in Punta Gorda and within a short drive making it a high-quality location to live year-round. This also makes it a very promising area for job opportunities in the medical field.

If you are interested in relocating to Punta Gorda I am here to help. Contact me anytime to find a great affordable Punta Gorda home. Punta Gorda has a vast variety of amazing properties both on the water and inland in one of the most amazing waterfront cities in southwest Florida. Contact me anytime with any Punta Gorda real estate needs.

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