How Far is Punta Gorda from Sarasota Florida?

How Far is Punta Gorda from Sarasota Florida?Punta Gorda is a small town in southwest Florida on the waters of Charlotte Harbor. It is desirable for its location on the coastline and its affordable housing market. Many people stumble upon Punta Gorda when shopping for real estate in the greater Sarasota area. This leads several potential homebuyers to the question, " How far is Punta Gorda from Sarasota?"

Distance Between Punta Gorda and Sarasota

Punta Gorda is 40.99 miles from Sarasota as the crow flies as some people say. Or 40.99 miles of distance between the two cities if you were using the shortest routes without needing to work about barriers of buildings and roadways.

Depending on the method of road transportation you are using and the road route the distance can be measured anywhere between 54 and 66 miles. 

Getting From Punta Gorda to Sarasota

There are many different methods someone could take to travel from Punta Gorda to Sarasota. The most common of course is to drive. There is a very easy route between Punta Gorda and Sarasota using the Tamiami Trail and I-75. This drive takes about an hour. 

Other methods of transportation include train, airplane (Sarasota airport to Punta Gorda airport), bus, and boat. There is an Amtrack Thruway train that carries travelers between the two cities as well as a local bus line. Both of these methods take quite a bit longer than opting to drive. 

About Punta Gorda

If you are considering purchasing a home in Punta Gorda as a more affordable option in the Sarasota area you are most likely curious about the culture and what there is to do here. Check out this short overview of living in the area from our community page: 

"Punta Gorda is a Spanish name meaning "fat point". The small historic town is named this because of how it juts into the Charlotte Harbor. Charlotte Harbor is one of the US's larger natural harbors. Punta Gorda is located near Sarasota and Fort Myers. Punta Gorda is a historic town that is known for being a hidden treasure. Punta Gorda is beautiful with sunshine year round and a tourist hot spot and residents' dream place to call home. The lifestyle in Punta Gorda is highly desirable because of its abundance of fishing, boating, and shopping along with its beachy and coastal relaxing atmosphere."

To find out more about Punta Gorda or to look at available homes for sale in Punta Gorda or delve deeper into details about specific Punta Gorda neighborhoods, head over to our Punta Gorda information page. 

If you are ready to begin looking for your perfect Punta Gorda home, please get in touch with me. I am here to help make your transition to the Punta Gorda area as stress-free and comfortable as possible. I am here to answer your questions or help point you in the direction to get the information you are looking for. I have extensive knowledge of Punta Gorda and am happy to help you find a Punta Gorda home you love. Contact me any time with any Punta Gorda Real estate needs. 

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