Kayaking in Charlotte Harbor

Kayaking in Charlotte Harbor Charlotte Harbor is one of the nation's largest natural harbors located on the southwest coast of Florida. The city of Punta Gorda is a portion of Florida's coastline that juts out into Charlotte Harbor. The harbor is home to hundreds of miles of coastline that remain as wild and natural preserves. This makes Punta Gorda and Charlotte Harbor one of the world's best locations to enjoy saltwater kayaking. It is a phenomenal place to enjoy unspoiled nature from the seat of your kayak.

A great place to launch near Punta Gorda

There are hundreds of miles of unspoiled natural coastline this also means that there are only a handful of spots to launch your kayak into the water to enjoy one of Florida's favorite outdoor sports. The best place to launch a kayak is said to be at Placida Park which is located at 6499 Gasparilla Rd. in Placida Florida. This allows you to travel either north or south to adventure around Charlotte Harbor. It is also a great place where you don't have to paddle very far to observe the amazing wildlife.

Woolverton Trail

The Woolverton Trail is a challenging maze of mangrove tunnels not far from Placita Park. This maze of mangroves was once carved as a mosquito abatement series of ditches. These channels create a gridlike format and you may find numbered signs at some of the intersections to help you navigate the channels. If you have never been here it is best to find a guide as to how these numbers work because you could quickly get lost in the maze. Even frequent visitors of the trail tend to get lost in the maze. A quick visit to Google Earth can help you to traverse your way out.

The Woolverton Trail is named after Edwin Woolverton who passed away in 2017 at the age of 101. He created the trail system as a way of giving back to the community that he lived in and loved. He originally lived in Minnesota and began spending winters in his trailer on the waterfront in Punta Gorda in the 1970s. It was his home away from home and he spent many hours clearing out the channels and creating the trail. A fun spot along the channels is the Gasparilla Sound featuring a sandy stretch in the mangroves that works as a great landing spot to take a break.

Enjoying the wildlife of Charlotte Harbor

Kayaking is a great way to get up close to wildlife and enjoy watching them in their natural habitat. You can find several different animals that make Charlotte Harbor their home including roseate spoonbills, dolphins, several species of fish, eagle rays, plenty of pelicans, manatees, and more.

Charlotte Harbor is just the beginning of countless great places to kayak in Punta Gorda. If you move to Punta Gorda full-time you will definitely want to invest in your own quality kayak because you can spend months if not years finding new places to explore on your kayak in the waterways around Charlotte Harbor and Punta Gorda.

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