Renovation Plans for the Punta Gorda Airport

Renovation Plans for the Punta Gorda AirportPunta Gorda is one of the best towns in southwest Florida. It offers an amazing waterfront location with a laid-back feel that is never overly crowded. There is plenty to do in Punta Gorda and quick access to large white sandy beaches as well as convenient major roadways that take you to larger areas of Florida. 

Punta Gorda is also home to an airport that offers several domestic flights around the country making travel to further destinations convenient. Soon the airport will offer an even better travel experience via ariplane after the new expansion. 

Plans for Expansion of the Punta Gorda Airport

Airport officials recently shared plans for an expansion of the Baily terminal of the airport. The expansion will include a 51,500-square-foot addition to the terminal. This will give passengers more room to wait for their flight. The plans are still in the design phase, and plans are slated to start construction in 2026. 

Currently, the waiting area at the terminal feels a bit crowded at peak travel times as more and more travelers are choosing to fly and use the Punta Gorda airport. Airport CEO James Parish shared with a local news station that plans are to expand as much as possible. In his own words quoted by local news channel FOX4- “It’s a little tight in there,” said Parish. “It’s just time to expand as much as possible."

Plans include new space and will also include a makeover for the existing terminal. 

Upgrades to Baggage Handling Have Already Begun

Though the expansion will not break ground for over a year, some upgrades are already taking place. An in-line baggage handling system is being added to the airport to increase baggage screening efficiency. With an increase in travelers comes an increased need for security and an increased amount of luggage that needs to be processed. The current system is not up to handling the current amount of demand. The new baggage screening system will be able to handle 10 times the amount of screenings in the same time. The new luggage system is expected to be completed in 2025. 

In addition to the baggage screening upgrades, the airport will add a Dunkin Express kiosk location in the baggage claim this year and will move the car rental counters to be closer to the airport terminal in 2025. 

How Much Traffic Has Increased at Punta Gorda Airport (PGD)

The number of passengers utilizing the Punta Gorda airport has increased significantly. Over 1.9 people were traveling by air at PGD in 2023. These numbers are projected to increase this year and continue to increase in the coming years. The expansion will help the airport to provide more efficient service and comfortable traveling experiences to passengers. 

The expansion is paid for through the latest federal infrastructure grants from the FDOT as a result of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Passenger fees will also help to pay for the project which has been estimated to cost around $45 million dollars. 

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