Simple Landscaping Can Help Your Punta Gorda Home Retain a Higher Value

Simple Landscaping Can Help Your Punta Gorda Home Retain a Higher ValueA home's value does not only lie in the home itself. The land that your home is on plays a big role in the overall value. In fact, the land actually is where most of the value in your home is retained. From the location and size of the land to the condition of it and then the structure (home) that is located on it. Helping your home to retain its best possible value and earn you more possible equity ( the amount of money your home is worth minus the amount a homeowner owes on any loans on the property) is an important part of getting a return on your investment. One of the best ways to do this is with upkeep of the landscaping. 

Landscaping to Retain Home Value

Outdoor Living Space

Creating an extension of the usable space you would find inside your home to the outside of the home is incredibly popular. A home with outdoor living spaces allows you to not just look at your yard but to hang out in and enjoy your yard. Outdoor spaces that are all our own increased in popularity in 2020 when everyone was encouraged to stay home. The ability to have your own piece of nature with a space to sit and relax, enjoy a meal, or curl up near a fire feature is always desirable. 


Trees that provide beauty and shade to the yard are a huge asset, especially in warm and sunny locations like southern Florida. They help to provide a comfortable atmosphere that allows you to enjoy the yard for longer periods of time when the temperatures soar. Trees also help with the air quality around your home and add to the overall curb appeal of a property. Just make sure to plant the right trees and to plant them with plenty of space to take root away from the house. It is not a great idea to plant any shrubs or trees right next to a home. 

Drought Tolerant Landscaping

One of the biggest needs in landscape maintenance is water. This is why a focus on drought-resistant planting has gained popularity. This is the practice of xeriscaping. It is centered on finding plants that are native to the area and will continue to live and thrive in drought-like conditions. This means less watering and less work, while also saving money on utility bills and being kinder to the planet. Low-maintenance landscapes that stay beautiful with minimum attention are highly desirable and seen as a plus. Should you ever sell your home your beautiful yard that stays that way with hardly any effort will draw buyers. 

More Light

Adding lighting to your landscape to bring focus to pretty areas of the yard, and allow you to use outdoor spaces longer it a great way to add value to the space. Adding lighting doesn't have to require an electrician either. It can be as simple as installing solar lights in key places or some string lights around a seating area. No need for hardwired fixtures. 

Keeping Things Groomed

Making sure that the lawn, trees, and shrubs are trimmed and nicely kept is about 90% of keeping your yard aesthetically pleasing. If you are getting your home ready to sell and are concerned about the curb appeal and the yard, this really is most of the work that needs to be accomplished. 

Avoid Overdoing It

Planting too many plants that require a lot of attention and time is the opposite of what you want to do. While it can be a natural thought that incorporating more beautiful flowering plants and creating a master gardener experience seems like the ulmate yard, people don't want to have to be stuck in their yard all weekend to keep things looking great, nor do they want to spend hundreds of dollars every month on professional help to do it for them. 

Landscaping is always a large and important part of property appeal and value. Keeping up your outdoor space is beneficial to you now as you enjoy your yard or just enjoy the view from the window, and later when you sell your home. 

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