Taking Care of Your Punta Gorda Home's Pool in the Summer

Taking Care of Your Punta Gorda Home's Pool in the SummerFlorida summers are really hot. Having a personal pool at your home can feel like a lifesaver in the peak temperatures of summer. When you are using your pool more frequently to help stay cool in the crazy temperatures it will need maintenance attention. Follow these pool maintenance tips to keep your pool in great shape while you and your family enjoy it. 

Punta Gorda Summer Pool Maintenance Tips

Time to Get Out the Owner's Manuel

The best place to start with pool maintenance is to look at the recommended care procedures in your pool equipment owner's manual. The manual will give you the most detailed information about the equipment and the best way to care for it.  If you are not in possession of the manual or manuals read on for more care tips. 

Have the Right Equipment Handy

The best way to maintain your pool is to have the right tools on hand so that you can do the job. Make sure to have plenty of water balance test strips, a skimming net, safety equipment, etc. to enable you to keep your pool in great shape.

Check Everything Frequently

Before every swim or at least on a weekly basis you want to make sure that you do a thorough check of how the pool equipment is functioning. Check filtration systems, the lining, safety equipment, and even your tools. Make sure everything is in good shape because preventive and precautionary measures help to prevent large issues.  

Check the Chemical and Water Levels

Keep an eye on the water level in the pool. Water evaporates and does so at a more rapid pace during the hot summer months. Evaporation, especially at a quick pace can cause the chemical balance of the water to shift and become unsafe for swimming. Low water levels can also damage the skimmer. Rapidly losing water could also be a sign of a leak. You want to consistently check the chemical balance of the water in your pool. You want to make sure the water is sanitized and safe for swimming. If you discover any imbalance it needs to be taken care of as soon as you notice it. 

Clean Up Debris

The more frequently you look for and clean debris the better. Try to skim the pool daily or make a habit of a quick skimming when you are done swimming. Once a week it is a great idea to run a pool vacuum at the bottom of the pool. This pulls out any of the dirt that sinks to the bottom. Give the walls a soft brushing and check the strainer baskets. 

Look at the Circulation

The circulation system is key to keeping the water balanced and fresh. This system consists of the skimmer, pump, pump strainer, drains, and filter. Every piece of this equipment keeps the water clean and safe for swimming. Run the pump at least once a day and twice a day for highly used pools. The more you let the equipment do its job the less you have to do to fix things later.

Owning a pool is a great asset and is a great feature to help retain the value of your Punta Gorda home. Maintaining the major systems of your home is always smart to help your home retain its best value. 

Donald Payne of Vision Realty shares this about home maintenance and its impact on home value in a blog post:

"Maintaining your home is not just beneficial to keep your home running well it also helps your home to retain its resale value."

If you are looking for a home with a pool in Punta Gorda, I am here to help. I am happy to help you find a home in the city that meets your wants and needs. Contact me with your Punta Gorda real estate goals and let's get started shopping for homes. 

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