The Pros and Cons of Buying a Canal Home in Punta Gorda

The Pros and Cons of Buying a Canal Home in Punta GordaPunta Gorda is a beautiful city in southwest Florida on the shores of Charlotte Harbor.  It is nicely located near Sarasota and Fort Myers and offers many beautiful waterfront properties. A large portion of those properties are canal-front homes. Some people looking for Florida waterfront properties wonder what it is like to live in a canal home.

A canal home can be a great way to experience waterfront property in Florida. There are many different types of waterfront property in Florida but canal living just might be the best choice for you in Punta Gorda waterfront living.

Three reasons to choose a canal-front home in Punta Gorda

Canal-front living offers the best of both worlds

Sometimes when you choose to live on the waterfront in Florida you can give up a portion of your privacy. This is because living on a beach or around a lake means that you have more of your home wide open to public water usage. Living on a canal is quieter and much more private as compared to a lakefront or beachfront home. The canal is a much smaller body of water and is often located at the back of a home giving canal homeowners waterfront property with just a bit more privacy in their home ownership.

A chance for a more unique wildlife experience

Living on the canal you still get to experience several native Florida aquatic creatures.  Though the body of water is smaller there are still several great animal species that you can observe daily from your kitchen window. In the winter canals are favorite spots for manatees to settle into as they seek warmer water. Each body of water has different wildlife that likes to hang out and you may just find some Florida wildlife that you didn't know existed when you move to a canal-front property.

More affordable price point

Being that a canal is a smaller body of water it comes at a lesser price point as compared to a home right on the ocean on Charlotte Harbor or on a lake. You still get the benefits of a Waterview and being able to access the water quickly and easily but at a lesser cost as compared to other waterfront homes.

Possible easier access to watercraft

Not all canals have docs but a majority of them tend to offer a dock right at the edge of your yard. Living on a larger body of water does not as easily offer the ability to have watercraft steps from your back door. Living on the ocean is one of the most complicated areas to have your boat right next to your home and living on a canal is possibly the easiest.

If you are considering a southwest Florida waterfront home then it is worth looking at the amazing canal-front homes in Punta Gorda. Punta Gorda is a highly desirable southwest Florida location for many reasons. If you would like more information about living in Puta Gorda please feel free to browse our website and blog.

If you are interested in available homes for sale in Punta Gorda I am happy to help. I am here to help your waterfront home purchase be as stress-free and seamless as possible. Contact me anytime with any Punta Gorda real estate needs.

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