Tips for Selling Your Home Quickly and at the Right Price

When you're finally ready to sell your home, it can feel like you've overcome a massive hurdle. From figuring out how much to list it at to finding a new home, it's a lot to take on. Unfortunately, putting your home on the market when it's not ready can lead to a longer wait time before your first offer will come in.

When you're ready to sell, this is the list of steps to follow! Completing each of these will ensure your home flies off the market in no time.

Tips for Selling Your Home Quickly and at the Right Price1. Get An Inspection Early

Before you take any steps towards selling or updating your home, it's vital that you stop to get a professional inspection completed. This may feel like it's not in the right order, but it's important to get to know what updates are necessary and what flaws might scare buyers off before they have the opportunity to decide they're interested. 

You don’t have to fix every single tiny flaw a home has, especially if you’re trying to sell quickly, but you’ll get far more people interested in a home that needs less work.

2. Work With a Professional

Reach out and connect with a realtor or real estate agent! Do this as early in the process as possible since it will help you make future decisions. Tell them you want to sell your home quickly, and then talk through the process with them. 

Most will ask if you'd be willing to give up some of the price of your home in exchange for selling quickly, and you need to be honest. Although you could sell any home within an hour if you listed it at $5, you know it's worth more than that.

3. Remember to Budget

Before you make any changes, you need to set a budget and a timeline for yourself. Nobody wants to overspend or to take longer on a project than is actually necessary. Set a clear budget and timeline as early as possible, and try to stick to it as closely as you can. This can take some getting used to, and you should give yourself a little wiggle room, but it pays off in the end. 

A good rule of thumb is to avoid spending more than 10% of the value of the home in any one space.

4. Deep Clean From the Top Down

The fastest update you can make that will leave buyers interested and ready to buy is to deep clean the property. You don't have to do this alone; you can invite over friends with the promise of drinks and pizza if they help, but it has to be done. When buyers see gunk and dirt, they assume the home hasn't been well maintained.

The three main areas you need to focus your cleaning energy on are the kitchen, the bathrooms, and your laundry space. Of course, the rest of the home should be cleaned as well, but these will stand out the most.

This should also be completed on the outside by power washing and then sealing using a wet-look paver sealer.

5. Invest in Home Staging

Staging your property is the only way to guarantee it will sell faster and for more money. The average staged home gets a successful offer within two weeks and is often valued as more expensive than an unstaged counterpart. 

You don't have to buy or set up the furniture! There are countless staging and furniture rental companies that can take over this job and deliver a home that feels timeless yet modern all in one go. 

6. Avoid ‘House Flipper’ Cliches

House flipping has become a highly divisive topic in recent years, with the public at large having very harsh thoughts about the practice. A home that looks like it's been shoddily updated or rushed can scare buyers away instantly. 

Some things that pop up in a lot of these properties are painted-over outlet covers, endless gray paint, cabinet crown molding and flooring, and out-of-date light fixtures throughout. You want to keep some of the character of the home while still making it feel fresh. 

7. Remember Your Curb Appeal

Curb appeal packs a punch! If you're ready to sell soon, you need to create a home that will invite the entire neighborhood inside. This is a fantastically affordable area to update since most of the work is manually done instead of just whatever decor you can buy or rent. 

Try to avoid buying a bunch of exotic or new plants and stick to ones that can last, look good, and have minimal needs. You want your buyers to see the mid-century modern house exterior, not the dying monstera plants. 

Your Property Can Make Quick Money!

Selling your home quickly has far more to do with how you advertise your home than it does with when it's listed. Pay attention to the details, follow these tips, and watch your home fly off the market!

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