Why Punta Gorda is a Great Spot for a Vacation Home

Why Punta Gorda is a Great Spot for a Vacation HomeIf you are considering purchasing a vacation home in Florida you are not alone. Many people enjoy the great sunshine weather and proximity to the water in Florida. If they are not ready to make the move full time they strongly consider purchasing a second home so they can visit as often as they like. Punta Gorda is a great place to invest in a vacation home. Here's why:

 Reasons to Purchase a Vacation Home in Punta Gorda

Punta Gorda is Amazing

Punta Gorda is located right on the shoreline in southwest Florida jutting out into Charlotte Harbor. It is a picturesque laid-back town with an Old Florida vibe that people picture when they think about vacationing in Florida. 

Check out this excerpt from our community page on Punta Gorda describing what it is like to live here: 

"Punta Gorda is a Spanish name meaning "fat point". The small historic town is named this because of how it juts into the Charlotte Harbor. Charlotte Harbor is one of the US's larger natural harbors. Punta Gorda is located near Sarasota and Fort Myers. Punta Gorda is a historic town that is known for being a hidden treasure. Punta Gorda is beautiful with sunshine year round and a tourist hot spot and residents' dream place to call home. The lifestyle in Punta Gorda is highly desirable because of its abundance of fishing, boating, and shopping along with its beachy and coastal relaxing atmosphere."

It Is a Good Investment 

Purchasing any real estate property including a first home is a good investment. A homeowner can build wealth with the ownership of land and a home in America. Real estate when invested in with a long-term mindset will grow in value and earn a homeowner equity. Even if all you do is make payments, take care of the home, and visit it you can build wealth. 

Some vacation home buyers turn their vacation property into an investment property and rent it out to others while they are at home. This helps them to not only benefit from owning an asset that builds wealth but also to receive payments to put back into the cost of owning the property. 

Booming Tourism

Florida is increasing in tourism interest. Florida has always been a hotspot for visitors because it is tropical and surrounded by water. If you decide to use your vacation home not just as a second home, but as a rental, it is not hard to generate business Especially in a waterfront town like Punta Gorda. 

Always a Place to Stay Whenever You Want

When you own a vacation property you get to make the decision of when you want to go on vacation and for how long. There is no hoping that a hotel isn't all booked up. There is no contending with peak season rates either. You get to choose when you want to take off and go on vacation and there is no premium upcharge for a last-minute or peak vacation season booking. Your price for accommodations on vacation is always going to be the same. 

The Price is Great

Punta Gorda has a surprisingly affordable real estate market for a waterfront location. Homes here are much more affordable compared to the average cost of homes in neighboring areas. It is a great way to not bust your budget. 

If you are considering the purchase of a vacation home in Punta Gorda, I am here to help. Contact me any time with any Punta Gorda real estate needs, Both buying and selling year-round and vacation homes. 

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