Why You'll Fall in Love With Punta Gorda

Oftentimes when you think of Florida you think of Miami, the Florida Keys, Orlanda and its abundance of theme parks, or sunny vacation destinations, however there is so much more to the sunshine state than the popular tourist destinations. For those lucky enough to call Florida home, it’s no surprise that they want to live a vacation-inspired lifestyle, however, what they may want to avoid is the abundance of tourists crowing Florda’s beloved beaches. Luckily, tucked away in southwest Florida you can find a city that truly has it all, Punta Gorda! 

Shopping Along the Water

Why You'll Fall in Love With Punta GordaLike many cities in Florida, the water is easily the heart and soul of Punta Gorda, however, it goes far beyond the love of the beach. Waterside shopping is a favorite activity amongst locals, whether for an afternoon of lunch and shopping, every-day necessities, or a day of sight-seeing, you can do it all. Enjoy leisurely strolls along the enchanting Harborwalk and Fishermen's Village on the serene Charlotte Harbor. Here you can enjoy a large array of shops, boutiques, and unique stores that line the waterside promenade. The inviting atmosphere of Waterside Shopping invites visitors and locals alike to indulge in a leisurely exploration, combining the joy of discovery with the soothing ambiance of the harbor. Whether you're seeking the perfect souvenir or simply savoring a relaxed stroll along the water's edge, Waterside in Punta Gorda promises a charming blend of shopping and scenic bliss for a truly memorable experience.

Punta Gorda’s Historic District 

Unique to Punta Gorda is its stunning preservation of its own Historic District which adds a layer of appreciation for the past, preserving what once was, and relishing in the city's past instead of developing into a tourist hub. The thriving historic district unfolds with distinct neighborhoods, each narrating its unique story, collectively forming a rich tapestry that sets the stage for the city's present. The majority of the Historic District is residential, with homes dating from 1884 to 1930. Noteworthy landmarks include the Neo-Classical Revival Punta Gorda City Hall and the Victorian-style AC Freeman House, a National Register of Historic Landmarks

Golfing is a Lifestyle, not a Hobby

It’s no secret that golfing is a popular hobby amongst Florida residents, and with year-round sunshine, it’s easy to see why! With so much time to spend on the manicured lawns of nearby courses, golf has become more than a simple hobby, but a whole lifestyle amongst residents, and Punta Gorda is no exception. When calling Punta Gorda home, you are only moments away from some of the area's best courses. We put a list together of the most popular golf courses and clubs in the area, check them out here!

Life on the Water

There is so much more to a coastal town than just the beach. While many think of Punta Gorda as a “beach town” there is no natural beach along the town’s borders, and instead, the area has what is known as “dry beaches.” However, that doesn’t mean that locals don’t have a love for the water, and many locals will spend their free time enjoying an array of different water sports. Set along the Peace River and with an abundance of marina’s and docks, you can enjoy an afternoon of sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, fishing, jet skiing, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to the many water sports and activities that Punta Gorda has to offer. While there is no shortage of water activities or views, many argue that the lack of a natural sandy beach is what has kept Punta Gorda a hidden gem, seeing less tourism than other cities that have miles of beaches for tourists to enjoy. 

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